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You can now have, not only a prompt turnkey photographic service for your listings, but also an affordable one.

  •  RENTAL AND SALES PHOTOGRAPHY    We like to make your job as easy as possible so our affordable photography INCLUDES picking up the property keys from yourselves or contacting the owner or tenant and arranging a shoot at their convenience. We then sign back the keys (if taken)
  • Browsing through most rental listings nowdays seems to be a sad experience with often only two or three blurry photos taken with the assistany PM's phone which does make an exactly appealing display for prospective rental clients who will end up wasting your time visiting the property and finding out it's nothing like they expected. With professional photos covering ALL rooms and gardens the tenant will have already made an informed decision on whether they want the property or not by the time they contact you saving time and money!!
  • Usually within the hour you have a set of resized and edited images (normally around a minimum of 50 or 60) from which you can select the ones your like and upload them directly to realestate.com.au
  • All photos have already been resized and optimised so they stay within the maximum upload size of 200kb and you also have the option to receive the full resolution images if you need to print/display larger sizes
  • All images are taken on professional Nikon equipment using recognised super-wide angle "realty" lenses to make the properties look as appealing as possible.
  • We can also make all images "weather proof" so don't worry about cloudy days ... It's a cinch to replace that dull sky with a nice bright one too!! Look at the example below



Actual Image taken during the Shoot

What you get to show your Client


Phone us on (08) 9332 7724 (all hours) and let's talk!!! or email us HERE






Phone us on (08) 9332 7724 (all hours) and let's talk!!! or email us HERE


  •  WHAT WILL IT COST     To make life a lot more simple we operate our Photography costing on a FLAT RATE basis...that way you know that regardless of the property size or location the cost to the owner in your property advertising package remains consistent whether you are selling a 4 x 2 mansion in Mindarie or a 1 x1 apartment just around the corner.  
  • Property Photography from Mindarie to Mandurah regardless of size ready to upload  - $99.00


Shouldn't you be talking to us???

Phone us on (08) 9332 7724 (all hours) and let's talk!!! or email us HERE