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You need to tell your prospective client why they should be listing with you and this way is so simple!!


  • We shoot a well documented video of you, your staff and your talents that will convince your new propective clients that listing their homes or allowing you to manage their investment properties.
  •  We then load this into our unique 7" LCD screen video book so the client can run the video. No technology is required .. just open the cover and it plays .. shut the cover and it stops. A perfect silent salesman!!
  • In fact some of our agencies allow the client to take the video book home and follow up a few hours later with a visit to an already convinced new customer, ready to give you the listing. What could be easier???
  • We will shoot your video in the comfort of your office, or on-site and even include interviews with happy sellers or owners to make the presentation even more convincing. It's your choice totally. You can of course also have your video on your website or even email it to clients who want to watch it online




Shouldn't you be talking to us???

Phone us on (08) 9332 7724 or 0459 219 306 (all hours) and let's talk!!! or email us HERE